Quick-Adjust Tub Frame Legs

Stainless steel spring loaded pins make setting up the tub frame very easy. Demonstration of the legs can be viewed on our Slide Transfer Bather video.

Slide Transfer Tub Frame On Tub Wall

In some cases when you want to roll back over the commode and then make the lateral transfer over the tub and the commode is close to the tub (within 5 to 7 inches) you may need to eliminate the support legs that rest outside the tub and support the tub frame on the top of the tub wall. This is a custom installation and needs to be installed by a competent technician.

Tub Frame Outriggers

Tub frame out-riggers may be required for devices when existing bathroom layout or center of gravity, balance or stability may be in question. The out-riggers simply provide additional stability in unusual custom modifications.

Shower Caddy

Three compartment pouch hangs from armrest or device frame and provides easy access to soap, shampoo and other personal care items. Mesh pouch will not hold water.