Calf Extension

Provides support for lower leg from knee to foot. Multiple adjustment angles for maximum comfort. Available on tilting and reclining devices.

Fold Down Footrest

Folds down from vertical position or flips up from horizontal position. Can be added as a field installation if not ordered prior to manufacturing.

Slideout Footrest

Slides in and out as needed. Slide back under the frame during lateral or pivot transfers and pull out for footrest.

Footrest For Tub Or Shower

Sits on tub or shower floor as a footrest for devices that do not offer footrest during the bathing process like the SLIDER bathing System or Tilt-in-Space SLIDER.

Foot Rest Grip Material

The grip tape has a unique co-polymer construction that provides heavy duty slip resistance like the highly abrasive products, yet this product is soft to the touch. Because it is made of a rubberized material, it is comfortable for bare feet and hands, while being tough enough to withstand heavy long term use. When applied to the foot rest the material helps keep the patient’s feet from slipping of the wet foot rest to a less comfortable position. This option is easily self-installed to existing units.

Foot Plate

Flat footrest plate fixed at 90 degree to calf extension.