Commode With Pail Lid

Most bathing devices with a fixed seat can accept a commode pail for toileting. The commode pail option can be added at the factory during the manufacturing process or added as a field installation.

Urine Deflector

Deflects urine into a commode pail, splash guard, or when used over and existing commode.

Padded Panel Seat

A series or solid padded panels configured to provide seat or backrest support. Eliminates standard tension adjustable mesh seat or sling backrests.

Flat Seat Without Commode Opening

Flat plastic seat with no commode opening. Ideal for special seating applications requiring a foam or air cushion.

Integral Skin Foam Seat

Standard size opening yet softer that traditional hard plastic seats. Larger surface area promotes balance and increase support.

Reducer Cushion Set

Designed to slightly reduce the size between the arms and seat depth. The cushion snugs the user in place and can be removed to accommodate future growth. A mauve cushion is shown against blue backrest to display cushion size and design.

Reducer Ring

The reducer ring reduces the size of the toilet seat opening. Ideal for smaller bottoms. A standard toilet seat opening is 8” and the ring reduces the opening to 5.5”. The rings is removable for cleaning or future growth.

Soft Seat Overlay

Closed cell foam with a PVC coating provides a softer seating option. The overlay matches the shape of our standard integral skin foam seat, attaches with Velcro and can be removed for cleaning.

Splash Guard

Splash guard funnels waste into a commode pail or exisiting commode on slide transfer units or units with a taller seat height. Attached directly to the bottom of the seat with